Disney’s Paper Generators produce electricity by rubbing or touching

Disney Research Paper Generators

Disney Research is always one the move when it comes to latest innovative technology that helps preserve nature and at the same time provide feasible solutions. This time again they have us with their new way of harvesting energy from touching, tapping, rubbing and sliding you fingers over a piece of paper. Called as Paper Generators, these electricity producing papers are based on electrets that hold electric charge and amazingly they can be made at home by you too. The phenomenon is quite simple as you rub a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) with paper sheet, the charge is produced and when connected with wires to a LED (for example) it lights up. The idea is to produce charge by friction and therefore you can either do it in a circular motion or rubbing motion.

Some of the application of this intuitive technology are e-paper display, e-ink display, sound buzzer, infrared communication device etc. that lets loose your imagination for creating Paper Generators. Since Disney is a company targeting towards kids, therefore they have demonstrated the amazing use of this technology in making everyday science projects in the video below.

Via: Disney Research/Gizmodo/SlashGear



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