Movie special effects can cure arthritis and other limb disorders

Arthritis cure

Who would believe that special effects used in movies could help one fight the root cause of arthritis. But it is true as Cardiff University has been setup with all the equipment’s used in movies to create special effects. The whole setup is worth £500,000 which includes cameras, cinema screens and computers to unleash the visual extravaganza. The belief is that it helps patients of arthritis and limb disorders by benefiting them from examination using innovative Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Laboratory system (GRAIL). The system comprises of treadmill, motion capture cameras, on-screen projection, motion sensors of a virtual scene that helps to detect the movement of the patient so that their motion can be actuated.

Arthritis cure

# According to Dr Paulien Roos, project leader at the Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre

It’s an excellent tool that really helps to move our research forward. Normally it would take us days or even years to calculate the measurements this tool allows us to gather. We can now get that information immediately so we can give real time feedback to patients. We can tell patients how they can improve their movement and hopefully alleviate future joint problems.

Arthritis cure

Via: BBC/Cardiff



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