Gun Box gun safe sends alert to your phone when tampered

The Gun Box

Keeping a gun has its advantages as it prevents any dangerous situation from getting worse, but on the other hand it can be equally dangerous to keep it in your home as your kids or other notorious characters could get hold of it. So how do you make sure that there is instant access to your firearm in desperate need without making it accessible to other people in the house? The Gun Box weighting 4.7 lbs is answer to that query as is one high end handgun storing box that provides rapid access to the firearm when needed the most in case you or your family is in danger. The Gun Box uses an on-board RFID scanner that syncs with the Gun Box wristband/ring that has RFID chip for this specific functionality and with one wave over the box you have instant access to your handgun/gun.

Made from aircraft strength die cast aluminum alloy shell, this safe storage method ensures total safety due to its tensile strength of 24,000 lbs per square inch (or above) and melting temperature of 1000 degrees. Apart from the RFID identification technique the Gun Box also opens using biometric fingerprint recognition and it is your wish whether you want to program it in either of these ways or both of them.

Gun Box features alert notifications that sent SMS text to phone if it is tampered with, opened or moved from its original storage location. And in case someone steals it, he/she won’t be able to get far as in-built GPS technology will show its precise current location.

The Gun Box

It has two USB ports on the back side for charging gadgets like smartphone or tablets and connecting Bluetooth speakers. And the Gun box has a battery backup that lasts for many days without needing a recharge again. The Gun Box has mounting holes on the bottom of the box, it can be mounted under a cabinet on a wall, to a nightstand or in any orientation. It can also be secured using a Kensington lock and cable.

The Gun Box

This cool security gadget is up on Indiegogo platform for crowd-funding and if this high-end firearm box is good enough for you, then go on pledge certain amount to get it at slashed prices. Even if the project is not funded, the maker promises certain goodies to people who have pledged support. The Gun Box is expected to retail for over $300 with full feature list although you can go for $240 version with some missing features too.

The Gun Box



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