Parcel Drone will deliver packages in Australia from March 2014

Parcel delivring drone

Drones and UAVs are not just merely for spying and secret missions but we have seen enough proof that they can be used for daily jobs like delivering laundry or orders in a restaurant. And now adding to the tally of friendly drones is this textbook parcel delivering drone in Australia developed by startup Zookal in association with Flirtey. The drone textbook parcel delivering service is all set to start from March 2014 and will be the world’s first commercial automated drone service which is quite an achievement. The service will start with a total of 6 drones in a 3 km area of Sydney CBD and the first test flight is all set in November at the University of Sydney.

While company has plans to expand in US by 2015 which could be great news. The delivery system will save Flirtey’s time and money as the textbook parcel will be delivered within two to three minutes once the customer provides the delivery coordinates using an Android smartphone app (for other smartphones too in the future) for the service.
The electric powered automated drones have GPS and collision avoidance system for safe delivery of parcel weighing up to 2kg within no time to the customer. Once the package arrives the user presses “Lower package” button on the app and the parcel is lowered.

The only predicament is that the UAV is not weather proof and one it starts to rain they cannot be used but the creators are on it to make them all-weather proof.

Parcel delivering drone

# According to Matthew Sweeny, Co-founder Flirtey

This joint venture with Flirtey gives us an opportunity to provide a significantly faster and more efficient delivery of goods while reducing our ecological footprint and costs. We expect the use of drones will cut our delivery costs from $8.60 to 80 [cents] per delivery, and because they are battery powered, the environmental impact is minimal.

# Ahmed Haider, CEO of Zookal and co-founder of Flirtey says

As with most major innovations that start with a military background, such as the Internet, SMS, GPS and satellites, when applied to a community problem they have a significant and positive impact on society. Our goal is to do this with UAVs. We don’t store any user data other than what is required to safely deliver the product.
Textbooks are an excellent way to test the market as they allow for varying weights. With the concentration of students in universities in Australia, we will have proof of concept that shows if you can deliver a textbook, then things such as urgent medical deliveries, clothes, shoes, fast food and other e-commerce will be much more viable.

Via: TechCrunch



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