Amazing Friendly Robot made from scrap by poor school dropout

Friendly robot made from scrap

Tao Xiangii from Anhui province, Beijing has made a human sized robot that he calls a Friendly Robot costing tens of thousands of Yuan at home and he is no more than a fifth grader as he dropped out of school early. He has been making this robot from used parts since 2010 and the real assembly of the robot took him a pain staking one year. None of the parts of this 2 meter tall and 90 cm wide robot which has 100 motors, 200 switches and over 4000 wired connections were welded rather they were secured together with screws. The robot is capable of opening and closing hands actuated by motors and incredibly can tighten or weaken the grip too.

After trying his luck with a lot of professions including selling fruit and interior designing Tao made a shift to his childhood love of making tech savvy DIY’s. After making his own submarine, he decided to make a human sized robot and he did pretty well as you can see from the video. With a tight budget due to his struggling professional life Tao still managed to achieve this feat.

Via: Vice



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