Drone takes flight when you wink your eyes

Wink activated drone Blinklifier

Drones and UAVs are going to be the next big thing after robots and that fact is pretty evident from the things drone can do. Adding to the tally of eye-popping drone development is this Wink activated Drone called Blinklifier that takes flight when the user winks his/her eyes. Developed by Peruvian Katia Vega, PhD, Department of Infomatics, this small little drone takes the flight when user winks and was demonstrated at the Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces Conference at University of St Andrews, UK. By developing conductive eyelashes along with makeup that send the information to controls hidden in the pocket of clothing or headband, the drone is levitated in the air. For all this Vega won the TEI Design Challenge in Spain for Superheros category which in itself speaks for the kind of intuitive idea this was.

And the smart system is capable of identifying involuntary blinks from the intended winks. Moreover the metallised false eyelashes and conducting eye shadow are made from chemically safe material that does not damage the skin. This conductive eye shadow is called iShadow and uses and electromagnetic field at right frequency which is then detected by an IR device or radio.

Not only this drone but Vega has developed wearable technology having LEDs that light up when she winks or DJ system that can be controlled by waving hands in the water in certain pattern.

Via: Jornaldapuc/NewScientist



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