SubPac M1 is wearable sub-woofer that lets you feel music you play

SubPac M1

It may seem like one of the ordinary gadgets that strapped onto a regular chair transforms it into a massage chair, but in reality it is a lot different. It is a gadget – a device that you’re expected to strap onto your back to feel the base in the music you listen to. Described as a wearable sub-woofer, the SubPac M1 lets you feel the music (particularly base) in the body, just like you would feel the base if you were standing few inches from big stage speakers. Designed to let you feel the base line in your bones, the SubPac M1 basically works by transferring low frequencies directly into the human body – to lend you the sound of low end and allow you to hear it too.

SubPac M1

Offering everyone, individuals, producers and DJs the most immersive music and media experience ever, the SubPac M1 is powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides about 8 hours of playback. The unit weighs as light as 1.9 lbs. The first produced batch of the SubPac have been sold out. SubPac M1 is available for pre-order for $299. The product will begin selling in December 2013.

SubPac M1

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