Transport bike has front wheel storage compartment

Transport bike by David Hotard

As a part of the SRAM sponsored Fall Studio project that had four teams of three students each to make different kind of bikes, one team consisting of David Hotard, Matthew Cambell and Edwin Collier headed by Professor Kevin Shankwiler of Georgia Tech. This team has constructed this urban commuting bike that solves one very basic predicament. The predicament of carrying a backpack with you or any other small thing you would carry in the city. Hence came into existence Transport bicycle that has a storage compartment in the front wheel to store your bag, water bottle and your smartphone charger perhaps. Made from Baltic birch wood in several different pieces and 3D printed headtube that were glued together, this bicycle has a hub less wheel that has bicycle rim rotating around system of bearings.

To make the storage compartment using PET-G, vacuum-formed over a sign foam mold and the hubless wheel rotates around a system of six bearings. To keep the maintenance costs for urban commuters the rear wheel is made from wood that is built around internally geared hub. To fine tune the exteriors of Transport bicycle, plasma cut steel support in high-stress areas was added and the frame painted with filler primer and automotive paint.

Transport bike weights around 25 lbs in total which is comparable to OEM road bikes. The project is still in prototype stage and the makers are sure that they will come up with a commercially available version for urban commuting.

Transport Bike by David Hotard

Transport Bike by David Hotard

Via: DavidHotard/Core77



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