Light-weight body parts will be the battery of future cars

Volvo StorAGE nano battery car body parts

In the coming years you could very well be seeing a battery less car as EU-funded (3.5 million Euros) research project (for three years) along with Volvo courtesy a ground-breaking technology. Dubbed as StorAGE this intuitive technology cut’s the car’s weight by as much as almost 15% with the help of the material made from carbon fiber, polymer resin, nano structured batteries and super capacitors which is strong and flexible, perfect for making automotive body. Not only is the technology eco-friendly but also cost effective in terms of manufacturing, meaning that it will perfectly coincide with future car designs that require light-weight components and ways to increase the inner boot space.

Volvo StorAGE nano battery car body parts

So instead of fitting a battery inside the hood of the car, the body work would actually contain it in the form of door panels, boot lid or wheel bowl having the integrated nano structured batteries and capacitors. If the technology becomes successful it could have many other application like reducing the size of our gadgets as the battery would require little space than earlier or perhaps the power reserve of drones and UAVs.

Volvo StorAGE nano battery car body parts

# According to Perlvar Sellergren, development engineer Volvo Cars Material Centre

Our role is to contribute expertise on how this technology can be integrated in the future and to input ideas about the advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost and user¬friendliness. This is a relatively large structure that is easy to replace. Not sufficiently large to power the entire car, but enough to switch the engine off and on when the car is at a standstill, for instance at traffic lights.

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