iPhone-controlled Anki Drive cars make virtual racing absolutely real

Anki Drive

Have you begun searching gifts for Christmas already? Well, if you have, then here’s something that you’ll love. Toy car incorporated with artificial intelligence. This wholesome entertainment package, for young and old alike, is dubbed Anki Drive and is developed by consumer robotics company Anki. Slated to be made available in bundled package from Apple store for $199 beginning October 23, the Anki Drive will be accompanied with an Anki’s iOS app.

The bundle (compulsory for players) comprises of a pair of cars, chargers and race track. It also comes with additional pair of cars for $69 each. To play, players roll of the track and choose the cars to race. The track is very sturdy and has tiny sensors embedded to it, which send signals as instructions to the Anki Drive cars attached with cameras. The artificial intelligence controlled cars can also be controlled using the iPhone courtesy the dedicated iOS app.


Using the app, players can easily change the speed and direction of Anki Drive with the iPhone or iPad. The cars connect with one another using Bluetooth (no internet required), and players can race remote controlled cars with each other driving them with artificial intelligence (something that wasn’t possible with RC cars until). Anki Drive is a strategic game and each car has its own special features. Find out the car your opponent is using and choose a car with ability to meet its power. You have cars with tractor beams, lasers and shields etc for added advantage. Anki Drive can race of 20-30 minutes on a single charge and can be recharged in under 10 minutes through AC adapter.

Via: TheNextWeb/Technabob



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