World’ first artificially created human being the Incredible Bionic Man

The Incredible Bionic Man

Science fiction has come one more step closer to reality as the world’s first bionic man made by London’s Shadow Robot Co. has been revealed at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington. This is one pioneering event in advanced robotics and this 6 foot tall bionic man weighing 77 kg that took three months to finish using almost $1 million funds is aptly tagged as the Incredible Bionic Man for its sheer realism as shown in some of the movies like iRobots. Made from a collection of functional artificially organs and prosthetic body parts like limbs, eyes, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, kidney and circulatory system donated by laboratories worldwide together into one frame. The robot has the personality of a 13 year old boy from Ukraine who is an irritating chap to converse with, courtesy a sophisticated chat box program.

The Incredible Bionic Man

This bionic man is modeled on Bertolt Meyer(psychologist at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland), who is suffering from congenital amputation of one hand and relies on one of the world’s most advanced bionic hand for completing most of the daily routine jobs. The team headed by Roboticists Rich Walker and Matthew Godden of Shadow Robot Co. had to carefully put together each part in a synthetic body and here is the list of all the artificial body parts that made up this bionic man having two-thirds of human body parts a reality.

# The Incredible Bionic Man body parts

The Incredible Bionic Man

• Artificial heart made by SynCardia Systems in Tucson, Ariz has been implanted in more than 100 people worldwide for weak hearts

• Blood pumping circulatory system complete with veins and arteries created by medical researcher Alex Seifalian of University College London

• i-LIMB made by Touch Bionics having a functional wrist capable of rotating due to motors in each finger

• Retinal prosthesis, made by Second Sight in Sylmar, Calif., to bring back limited sight in blind people

• Robotic ankles and feet from BiOM in Bedford, Mass., designed and worn by bioengineer Hugh Herr of MIT’s Media Lab

• Cochlear implant, speech recognition and speech production systems to do all the talking

• Robotic exoskeleton called “Rex,” made by REX Bionics in New Zealand

• The replica prosthetic face of Meyer

Although the bionic man missed some of the human body parts like stomach, liver and intestines which are too complicated to replicate till now, it is still The Incredible Bionic Man in every aspect and leaves us in the awe of future which holds even more surprises.

# The Incredible Bionic Man

# Incredible Bionic Man shown at Smithsonian Air and Space museum

# How Incredible Bionic Man came to life

# How Incredible Bionic Man walked

# The face of How Incredible Bionic Man

Via: SmithsonianChannel/Reuters/LiveScience



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