Fiesta Transformer – Transforming Ford Fiesta created by UK born Indian

Fiesta Transformer by Hetain Patel

The transformers series has inspired many out there to make their own versions, and this one is yet another creation that could be the pinnacle of all Transformers DIY projects. Hetain Patel, born in UK to immigrant Indian parents has crafted his own version of real life Transformers from a reworked 1988 Ford Fiesta that has the same specifications as the one gifted from his father as he approached the age of 17. With help from his father who is a seasoned car convertor for funerals, engineer brother and a buddy who is fascinated with Transformers; Patel managed to change the robust Ford Fiesta into a squatting human like figure that can be retraced back into a car anytime he wants and calls it Fiesta Transformer. The squatting position is a representation of the link between lower classes in India and his own immigrant family in UK.

Fiesta Transformer by Hetain Patel

1988 Ford Fiesta that Hetain Patel transformed into a human like figure

With not much finances to make this Fiesta Transformer, the much needed help came from TED Global 2013, in June with the help of Asha Jadeja who has an organization Rajeev Motwani Foundation for developing new education and learning technologies for children. Patel has put together a time lapse video of the making of this incredible Fiesta Transformer, so go on enjoy it.

Via: TED



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