Microsoft Septimu earphones play songs depending on your mood

Microsoft Septimu earphones

Microsoft Research is working hard into developing gadget accessories that are automated based on users vital statistics and their latest development is interesting. Microsoft have developed a pair of earphones dubbed Septimu that toggle songs depending on user’s mood by measuring the heart rate, temperature and biorhythms. This is done by incorporating a number of sensors like thermometers, accelerometers and inward facing microphone design. Now if the user is smart enough and keeps a track of the music being played he/she can get a good idea about their mental and physical health sans any investment in expensive medical care or coaching solutions.

In conjunction with Musical Heart app developed by researchers at the University of Virginia Center for Wireless Health, the Septimu earphones/earbuds choose the best genre of songs to play depending on your current mood. So, for example you are in the rush of going to office and being bugged by traffic that will probably get you late, the app plays a soothing song that will bring the heart rate to normal and incorporate rhythmic breathing which in turn will soothe and calm you down.

The new technology in these earphones will surely come in handy for music lovers who are always on the move and doing different things or meeting different people. So as soon as they are ready to be out there for purchase you make sure that they are in your hands.

Via: Microsoft



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