Living Wallet runs away if you try to spend too much money

Living Wallet

Since mankind has invented the concept of money, more often than not money doesn’t stay inside the wallet for long sue to the urge to buy new things as long as we have enough. Now after years of spending spree, the money could be forced to stay in your pocket as a Japanese company has come out with Living Wallet. This wallet has a mind of its own and as soon as you reach out to pick it up it runs away from you in case you are a shop-a-holic and there is deficient balance in your wallet. Yes, it has small wheels on the base and its first instinct is to run away from you, then if you get hold of it the next step is to initiate “Don’t touch me!” and “Help Me” cries to put you off from getting money out.

Well, if then also the urge to spend money is too much for you to take in spite of this wallet’s warning, the last resort is to send a SMS message and call is initiated to your mom. That can be pretty nasty as she would definitely give you a hard time going on a spending spree. On the other hand if you have not spend much money for a long time it goes into consumption mode, wherein the Living Wallet starts to approach you, calling out top ranking Amazon products in order to motivate buying something. Living Wallet calculates the user’s financial condition by integrating with iPhone Zaim book-keeping app.

To give you an idea of how this new intuitive wallet has impressed people, it has been nominated for the Yahoo! Japan Internet Creative Award 2013.



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