You wouldn’t want to see this flying ghost on a dark night

Halloween Ghost Quad

Halloween will surely have more surprises than we expected but none better than this flying apparition which actually is a drone dressed as a scary monster flying in the night sky, scaring the ship out of on-lookers. Made by Alton Porter this Flying Banshee is aptly named as the Halloween Ghost Quad having bright red scary glowing eyes. The idea is simple, get hold of a quadcopter, a hollow skull for the scary ghost face and drape it in a hollow floating costume that gives the feel of a ghost and then get your hands on the remote control to maneuver it around.

This DIY project is sure to surprise many people in Alton’s block and I’m sure he has something cooking for this Halloween. Now, it could be possible to make a similar flying banshee ghost using a RC helicopter or some other flying contraption, all you have to do is get hold of a hollow ghost skull, a pair of LEDs and make a light costume in white color.

Thanks Elton for giving us one more reason to believe in ghosts now that this flying banshee will make people pee in their pants if they see it on a dark cold night flying in the air. And not to forget that pranks and scaring your friends too is not out of question with this amazing yet simple DIY project.

Via: LaughingSquid/Gizmodo



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