Morpher helmet for biking can be folded to be carried in your bag

Morpher helmet by Jeff Woolf Biking has become a thriving activity for many Britishers, especially after the introduction of Boris Bikes in London and the British exploits in Tour De France. However, while such human powered transportation is good for your health, there are always those potential risks of heavy and even fatal injuries due to avoidance of wearing helmets. Quite unfortunately, statistical figures for London say that around a whopping 93 percent of people who hire bikes don’t wear helmets. Another related report conducted in US states that more than 90 per cent of biking fatalities comprised of cyclists who didn’t wear helmets. So what exactly prevents people from wearing the helmets? Well, the general answer from many cyclists was simple – conventional helmets are too bulky to carry around. Well, inventor extraordinaire Jeff Woolf has ingeniously found a way that works around this cumbersome ‘bulkiness’. He has designed the Morpher Helmet, a contrivance that can be easily flattened and then folded to be carried in a small bag.

Being a victim of a biking accident himself, the inspiration to create a practical helmet mechanism came quite easily to Woolf. However, the process leading up to the Morpher helmet design required a great deal of researching, and thus the credible end result is a lightweight conception of just 250 g, made from EPS (or expanded polystyrene). According to the designer, EPS is sturdy enough to withstand a wide range of impacts, while its unobtrusive attributes come in handy when the helmet is folded. As for the commercial side of affairs, the Morpher helmet is already in production with retailing to start by March of next year. The price for each helmet is expected to have a tag saying £60 (around $100).

Via: MorpherHelmet

Edit – The Morpher Helmet is expected to be in production by late spring of next year. For more details on the fascinating conception, check out our exclusive interview with designer Jeff Woolf. 


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