Japanese have created anti-radiation swimwear after Fukushima disaster

Anti-radiation swimwear by Yamamoto Corporation

Yamamoto Corporation is already an established swimwear maker in japan. And, the latest addition to their innerwear portfolio is a collection of radiation-proof apparel for countering the ill effects of the Fukushima radioactive disaster. Designed specially for workers who do their risky duties in the vicinity of the damaged power plant, the technologically advanced swimsuit is touted to be crafted from a high-performance bio-rubber material. This clothing component is further improved with the integration of micron-sized bubbles that have the ability to block ‘100 percent’ of beta rays from contaminated water zones. Such heavy duty shielding capacities will potentially avoid the seriously harmful effects of beta rays, like occurrences of cancer.

The innovative ambit is however is not just limited to the development of a radiation proof swimwear. The Osaka based manufacturer is also working on a separate anti-radiation innerwear that comprises of a lead based fabric for prevention from gamma rays. Weighing at around 7.5 lbs, this special wear will strategically protect the user’s body regions susceptible to harmful effects, like the spine and lower abdomen.

Anti-radiation swimwear by Yamamoto Corporation

In terms of practical usability, both the swimwear and the innerwear has not been designed to be worn casually; rather they are envisaged as an additional form of protection which would improve upon the protection credentials of conventional anti-radiation gear used by the workers. And, finally as for pricing, the anti-radiation swimwear will retail for Y105,000 (around $1,075) and the anti-radiation innerwear for Y80,850 (around $830), with the swimwear expected in the market by end of November, 2013.

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