HEVO Power designs EV charging spots that pose as manholes

HEVO Power's manhole charging spot

When it comes to realm of electric vehicles, the scope doesn’t only entail zero emission driving, but also encompasses those ever cumbersome charging stations (and sometimes their lack thereof). New York-based company HEVO Power looks forth to change all of these by an ingenious solution of their own – designing special manholes that can wirelessly charge the EVs. So, instead to bowing down to all the paraphernalia of wires and connections, the driver just has to park his/her vehicle over the manhole for an easy wireless charging session. In other words, the entire scope would traverse the need of cords and cluttered sideways, thus achieving a completely hazard free and convenient ambit for EV drivers and pedestrians alike.

The working nature of the these HEVO systems can basically be categorized into three parts; the first part obviously entailing a wireless charging system embedded within the tunnel access points. The second part involves the integration of a vehicle receiver in its battery, while the unique third part relates to a specialized smartphone app that will provide the maps and data (regarding these stations) to the EV drivers.

HEVO Power's manhole charging spot

The project is however not just limited to the application of the advanced HEVO technology. It also encompasses the collective approach to EV charging. In this regard, the company is planning on creating special Green Parking and Green Loading Zones that would provide a combination of charging and premium parking for EV vehicles. Furthermore, such spatial zones would collaborate with various neighborhoods within the city thus resulting in – ‘a value-add that benefits people, planet and power.’

Finally, coming to its commercial potential, the HEVO system is currently expected to be implemented in the NYU campus with two electric Smart Fortwo cars. As for individual consumers, the start-up is yet to announce a date.

Via: HEVOPower


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