Hydros lifejacket does more than just keeping you afloat

Hydros Lifejacket by Kieran Normoyle

A finalist for the James Dyson Award 2013 giving away $45,000 to the winner, this life jacket will do just more that keeping you afloat. Solving a very basic problem of keeping basic organs warm in cold water, the Hydros personal flotation device is designed in such a way by Kieran Normoyle (lifeguard and medic with Irish Army Reserve) that it negates the effect of hypothermia by stopping heat loss through convection and evaporation. The lifejacket has been designed in three different pieces which ultimately led to a combined effect of warming up vital organs and keeping the person afloat in torrid waters.

The first part of Hydros lifejacket is made of thermal t-shirt that has self-healing gel lying straight over the heart and arteries. Second layer is that of a floatation vest which activates automatically when there is contact with water, covering the head and face, making sure the person stays face-up in water. And the third one is a wet jacket made from insulating wet suit material to keep the body warm even in extreme condition.

All of this is complimented well by the day glow pink hood which is easy to spot in water, spay hood that protects the user’s airway, inflatable bladder and a 3-in-1 trigger that allows the user to switch between manual, automatic and hydrostatic settings.

The lifejacket can also be customized according to your needs, depending on the kind of water sports you opt for and environmental conditions. All-in-all the design looks impressive and will definitely give one more reason to daredevils for stretching their limits in murky waters.

Via: NBCNews/Gizmodo


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