Subo – A kayak that doubles up as a single-crew submarine


Kayaks are fun. But a kayak that remarkably turns into a one man submarine is even more fun! A guy named Olivier Feuillette certainly knows this, and he has went on to ingeniously create a unique contraption of his own. Christened as the Subo, in normal times, his creation pretty much looks like a conventional kayak, albeit with some scratches and dents on the black hued surface of the craft. However (as we can see from his YouTube video), once he has kayaked up till a certain point in the water, he nonchalantly puts away his paddles and opens up a hatch. Then he moves into the snug cockpit, and consequently the kayak (now an enclosed submarine) gleefully dives into the water. During this state, it almost looks like Professor Calculus’s shark shaped submarine from Red Rackham’s Treasure.

As for Subo’s working scope, the human powered submarine seems to move forward underneath the water with a help of an extended fish-tail rudder that replicates the movements of a fish. Olivier Feuillette has also provided some insights into how he manages to breathe under water for extended periods of time. According to his YouTube response –

Air comes from a cylinder, over flow comes out. For long dive co2 filter is used i am talking over 2/3 hours. The pressure is equalized so scuba rules are apply, same for depth.

And, after so much harping we still believe in the dictum of – seeing is believing. So, head on over to the video to gawk and appreciate the innovative nature of the one and only Subo kayak/submarine.

Via: YouTube


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