Gunbus 410 – A gargantuan 6730cc motorcycle with impressive specs

Gunbus 410 6730cc motorcycle

Yesterday, we talked about the robustness of the Wazuma trike. However, if we talk about imposing state of affairs, the above pictured Gunbus 410 motorcycle surely takes the honors. Gargantuan in every sense of the word, the impressive specimen was contrived by Clemens F. Leonhardt, founder and boss of Germany based Leonhardt Manufacturing. In terms of sheer dimensions, the Gunbus 410 exhibits a whopping 3,450 mm (or more than 11 ft) in length with a seat height of 800 mm. While these figures do not quite attain the ‘heights’ (no pun intended!) of the Regio Design XXL Chopper, there is a sense of realism behind the scope which further accentuates its impressiveness.

The enormity of the ambit is also pronounced through Gunbus 410’s core specifications, with the motorcycle’s power train boasting of 45 ° V-Twin engine. This set up can crank up 350 hp and a maximum torque of about 710 Nm at 1,900 rpm / min, while it displacement ability reads 410 cubic inches (the equivalent of 6728cc). The two cylinders on the other hand were actually salvaged from a radial engine aircraft, while the transmission is of 3 speed plus reverse kind and the weight is claimed to around 650 kg.

Finally, coming to the boisterous frame, the steel made 25CrMo4 is custom designed by Leonhardt Manufacturing. This ginormous chassis is supported by two equally robust wheels, with the front wheel touted at 38-inches dia and the and the rear wheel with 42-inches dia. As for its availability, the Gunbus 410 is produced in limited edition every year, with every model having the capacity (as expected) to be fitted with a sidecar.

Via: LeonhardtWeb


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