Stand-up comedy robot for surefire laughs

Standup comedy robots Aichan and Gonta from Konan University

A humorous joke or laugh at the end of the day can relieve every ounce of tension in your body after a hectic day’s schedule. Stand-up comedian manage to do that very successfully and therefore are liked by the audience. Taking up stand-up comedy as the theme, inventors from Konan University have managed to come up with a stand-up-comedy duo capable of bringing the audience alive with laughter. The two robot comedians named as Gonta (55 centimeter tall) and Aichan (1 meter tall) manage to flabbergast the listeners with their wit and humor which is a welcome change to the concept of robots. The team have been working on the two robots since April 2008 with Aichan finishing in August 2009 and Gonta completing in January 2011.

After they were finished, the team decided to turn them into stand-up comedians as initially they were only straight-response giving robotic systems. After putting in many man hours into developing them into quick response comedians Gonta and Aichan managed to come to the level of making people smile.

Their act is quite simple, Aichan searches the web for news randomly on any given topic and then Gonta mispronounces some of the words. Although Professor Akiyo Nadamoto, who is one of the creators of comedy duo still believes that these robots could be funnier, by toggling their auto-scripting system, we can expect to have a good time in the company of these mechanical comedians.

Via: Mainichi



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