Advanced battlefield helmet powered by Android for US Army

HEaDS-UP Advanced Helmet for Army

Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center for the US Army has developed Android-powered Iron Man helmets to help protect soldiers and marines in the battlefield. The helmets have a heads-up display similar to what we saw in the griping Iron Man movies giving every single vital information in a readable format right in front of the soldier’s eyes. Four years in development, the Helmet Electronics and Display System-Upgradeable Protection, or HEADS-UP is an integrated headgear system that focuses on developing a Technical Data Package of design options and trade-offs. The helmet provides better eye, face and hearing protection while ensuring that there is no lag in communication with the base. The intuitive helmets are aimed at improving the display of vital information in intense battle and will be revealed officially during demonstration at Fort Bennin’s (Ga.) Maneuver Battle Lab.

HEaDS-UP Advanced Helmet for Army

The two different mounted and un-mounted concepts will be tailored for particular battle mode and environment thereby giving soldiers and marines an edge over their enemy in tactical battle scenario. Working in conjunction with other wearable battle fielded technologies the helmet has been precisely designed to work seamlessly with body armor, hydration pack, protective eye-wear and other things.

In field tests soldiers were quite comfortable using the prototype helmets over traditional wearable helmets like Army Combat Helmet or Combat Vehicle Crewman helmet. The best thing about these helmets is their modular design that can be added or removed with ease for example mandible and visor which provide superior protection to the face can be removed anytime they want.

The helmet solves the issue of swapping Combat Vehicle Crewman helmet and their Advanced Combat Helmet for ground soldiers. In the end it will all make life easier for the soldiers who have tons of decisions to make while in battle.

HEaDS-UP Advanced Helmet for Army

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