Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod in all its blazing glory!

Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod

Some of us are still fascinated by those exhilarating times when antediluvian cars were tinkered with to transform them into ‘hot rod’ speed beasts. Modder Kevin Core clearly counts himself a part of this group, as is evident from his recreation of the exalted Boydster 1932 Hot Rod in its boisterous PC avatar. Contrived from a remote controlled version of the hot rod replica, the entire case mod exhibits a substantial scale of 1:8. Of course, beyond the physical size, it is the attention to details and slew of innovative features that really tickles our geek fueled fancy.

The very first aesthetic factor that really strikes us is the glistening shell and the robust wheel set of the case mod that deftly replicate their original counterparts. All of these are accompanied by a myriad of lighting features comprising of 32 red LED tail lights and LED dash lights, with RGBs being controlled remotely.

Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod

This visual scope is complemented by a host of PC stuff that really notches up on the level of ingenuity. For example, the custom build electric trunk lid is controllable via a remote control, and it opens up to reveal a slot load DVD drive. The power button on the other hand smartly poses as the horn in the middle of the steering wheel.

Finally, as for the ‘power train’ of the PC, it boasts of a mid range rig, with a dual core 3.8 ghz processor, 600 GB of hard drive (3.5-inch) space, Mini-Itx motherboard and an operating system of Windows 7 Ultimate version.

Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod

Via: Modders-Inc


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