Neurocam senses and captures moments that perk your interest

Neurocam by Neurowear

The very notion of candid photography is based upon the principle of capturing the moments where we are at our natural ‘best’. The aptly named Neurocam improves upon this personal sphere by acting as a wearable camera system that remarkably senses your emotions. Devised by the Japan based Neurowear company, this wearable camera has the ability to automatically record those moments that perk your interests. This is done by the analysis of the user’s brainwaves, which is based upon an algorithm collaboratively developed by Professor Mitsukura of Keio University and the Neurowear team.

The working scope of the Neurocam is ingeniously simple. Taking into account the sensitivity values of likes and interests (a crucial part of the aforementioned algorithm), the user’s preference is quantified on a range of 0 to 100. The connected smartphone camera then automatically records and saves 5 second GIF clips when your interest goes beyond the ‘value’ of 60. These saved clips also display the time and location, and can be stored in your phone album to be shared with your friends and in social media platforms like Facebook.

Neurocam by Neurowear

In terms of hardware, the Neurocam combines Neurosky’s Mind Wave Mobile and a brainwave sensor with an advanced BMD chip. So, basically the set-up converts your smartphone into a composite device with brainwave analyzing capacity and a camera.

As for the Neurocam’s commercial potential, the creator company is now considering ergonomic options where the contraption wouldn’t be so unwieldy to wear. Furthermore, the device will also integrate a special ‘manual mode’ in the future, which in turn will allow emotion tagging to scenes (similar to time and location tagging in normal images).

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