No terrain is in-conquerable for the Ziesel electric tank tread wheelchair

Ziesel electric tank wheelchair

Taking the wheelchair evolution to a whole new level, The Ziesel by Mattro changes the way we are accustomed to look and believe about wheelchairs. A no holds barred sports-vehicle driven by an electric motor having lithium-ion batteries, this wheelchair in-fact is way too cool for anybody riding it around the year, in any type of rugged environment be it snow, rain, sand, grass or mud. Having a 4-seasonal rubber track for movement, the muscle wheelchair has high traction and low ground pressure for maximum stability and the double-suspension arm chassis makes sure there is perfect traction for any situation. The variable driving modes of Ziesel ensure that you have horses for courses like functionality. To make things ultra-comfortable for the disabled person riding it there is high precision speed contingent steering system that can be controlled by a joystick.

The machine is constructed by Austrian engineers inspired by army tanks not only for disabled people but people who are avid adventure fanatics. This powerful beastly machine can hurl up to speeds of 35 km/h and the automatic heating body-moulded seat within tubular steel frame provides protection as the drive is strapped to a 4-point safety belt.

Ziesel is a machine that is suited well for snow laden areas and even rough terrains as the rider can maneuver it around easily with minimal fuzz. It is estimated to carry a price tag of £19,000 and for some extra moolah you can get custom features like extra chargers, bespoke paint-job and towbar for snowmobiles.

# Ziezel snow tests

# Ziezel showing-off its multi-tasking abilities



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