CakeRobot – Gesture controlled robot that you can also make

CakeRobot by Anoop Madhusudanan

This robot christened as CakeRobot is a gesture driven machine designed by Anoop Madhusudanan and the unique thing about it is the ability to maneuver it around using arm and hand movement. Using Kinect for the controller this Arduino powered robot is wirelessly connected to the system using Bluetooth connectivity and a compatible app. Anoop has listed all the hardware needed and the method to build this cool gesture controlled robot yourself which is generous offering by this Arduino and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. According to him even if you don’t have a Kinect then also you can go ahead with the project as you can use a Windows, Android or iOS smartphone instead.

The chassis of the CakeRobot is a Dagu Magician Chassis with two stepper motors, Arduino board with Motor Driver, jumper wires, sensors, LEDs, resistors and a battery pack. Apart from that all the programming of the robot is detailed by Anoop in detail which makes it easy for you to come with your version of RobotCake.

As you can from the video below Anoop uses his hands and arms to control the movement of the robot in any direction. The DIY project is quite intuitive and made simple enough to understand by him.

Courtesy: AmazedSaint



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