Battery-powered upper body exoskeleton Titan Arm wins James Dyson award

titan arm

Two things that really fascinate me about exoskeletons is the ease with which they assist the differently abled and the way these increase human strength immensely. Following the application and its design magnificence, Titan Arm – a battery powered robotic exoskeleton has won the 2013 James Dyson award, which signifies that the future of humans with super-strengths is finally nearing reach. Developed by four mechanical engineering students at University of Pennsylvania (who will get $45,000 with additional $15,000), the prototype robotic arm augments the upper body strengths by almost 40 pounds and being customizable, the exoskeleton can be tweaked to handle a lot more.

The exoskeleton has been designed using 3D printing just to make sure the cost of the prototype is kept at minimum and it is ultra-lightweight. Since the components of the exoskeleton are 3D printed, the arm can be created on demand to match user requirements. The robotic arm has an aluminum frame and features a thumb-stick controller for movement. It took the team of Elizabeth Beattie, Nick McGill, Nick Parrotta and Niko Vladimirov some eight months to create this prototype device for just £1,200 (approx. $1,925). Video of the exoskeleton in action below.

Via: JamesDysonAward/Engadget



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