Toyota FV2 concept car reads driver’s emotions to form a bond

Toyota FV2 concept car at Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The world of automotive engineering is steadily moving towards a future of intelligent vehicles that will bond with the drivers like horses did with their riders. Taking a stride towards the potential future, Toyota has created FV2 concept car that reads driver’s emotions and form a physical and emotion connection with the driver. Designed to capture the spirit of “fun to drive philosophy”, the FV2 concept car will be unveiled at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show from November 22 through December 1, 2013.

FV2 concept car is a single seat model stuffed in with lots of technologies to allow that driver and car form a relationship of trust and understanding between each other. The car can analyze and understand the driver’s mood. It can scrutinize the person’s driving history and suggest destinations accordingly, get it right if you thought you were being misled.

Apart from this, the FV2 concept car has a windscreen that shows up an augmented reality display in front of the driver. And for the color conscious – the FV2’s exterior display and body color can be changed at will, what else do you need? Toyota thinks there’s more you need, so they’ve removed the steering wheel. Instead, driver is required to stand up and shift the body in the direction they want the car to go, nifty! If that wasn’t enough, the car has a safety guard, which produces advance warning at junctions and danger in blind spot.

Until the FV2 makes into production, iOS and Android users can relish the beauty and genius of the fancy car driving it in realtime championship on a dedicated app by Toyota.

Via: DailyMail/SlashGear



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