Doughnut shaped AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC

AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to the realm of Bluetooth speakers, the scope is not exactly novel because of their wireless characteristics. However, beyond the technological credentials, it is the uniqueness of the design that often entices us. That is exactly the case with the above pictured AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker, which is interestingly shaped like a doughnut. Designed by French luxury manufacturer of iPhone docks Jarre Technologies, the detachable round enclosure of the speaker system has its own set of usability pattern . For example, it can be slung along the flexible handles of your backpack or satchel, thus resulting in a novel music system set-up that plays while you are moving around in a footpath or trekking along a reclusive trail.

The uniqueness of the ambit however doesn’t stop there. There is also the adaptation of advanced technology that is expected in a modern contraption. In this regard, the AeroTwist not only features its Bluetooth credentials, but also incorporates NFC (near fields communication). This allows instant Bluetooth activation and sharing of multimedia files (in this case music files) by just a tap on the speaker with your smartphone. The overall attribute certainly accentuates upon the ‘coolness’ of the portable speaker, while also improving upon the usability scope.

AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker

In terms of core features, the glistening graceful curve of the AeroTwist integrates four speakers coupled with a subwoofer and a microphone (with the subwoofer supporting aptX codec); and boasts of a battery life of 10 hours. As for pricing, the device will retail for around 299 euros (or $400), with availability expected to be soon.

AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker

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