3D printed pinhole camera amalgamated old aesthetics with modern technology

3D printed pinhole camera

Old is gold for obvious reasons and pinhole cameras are no different as they give vintage photography a good name. Combining the good old aesthetics with the new technological advancements, Clint O’Connor based in Austin TX made his own version of a niche 3D printed pinhole camera that is simple yet clicks magical photographs. Even though this tech savvy bloke is very much into photography and high tech camera equipment, yet he could never get rid of his love for pinhole cameras and set out on making a 3D Printed pinhole camera. To compliment his DIY project let me tell you that Clint is deaf and made this pinhole camera to show the world what contemporary photography is sans any fancy photography technique that can never compete with visual impact of images taken from pinhole cameras. For example capturing serene running water in a river and photographs that require extreme depth of field.

3D printed pinhole camera

Clint has made some of the pinhole camera using metal cans, cardboard or customized film cameras while this time around he choose 3D printing as the weapon to capture some of the coolest shots of landscape. Dubbed as Flyer, this 6×6 format 3D printed pinhole camera can be mounted on a tripod and has a very unique rubber band locking mechanism. While it can be loaded in just less than 30 seconds for taking a shot, the field of view is 70 degrees with f/stop of 133 that might not be exceptional but for a pinhole camera it is enough to take breath-taking landscape and portrait shots.

It was no surprise that Clint’s Flyer 3D printed camera easily achieved the funding goal on Kickstarter and will soon be delivered to people who pledged their support for the project.

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