Bublcam – A bantam 360-degree camera with HD video capability

Bublcam 360-degree camera

360-degree cameras – the very phrase brings us reveries of Google’s famous Street View. But what if you could get your hands on one of these seriously ‘interactive’ contraptions? Well, the baseball shaped Bublcam makes that a reality by having the ability to capture images and videos in 360-degree mode.  And, it you thought that was cool; the camera system also notches up on the innovation scale by allowing you to stream the videos through Wi-Fi connection. All of this is done by just a press of a button, while the footage is compatible across the major operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows for PC.

In terms of technology, the 14 mega pixel  Bublcam actually differs from other market available 360-degree cameras by offering the user a more comprehensive view of the captured world. This is done via the tetrahedral layout of the four cameras within the device that helps in producing more seamless image quality.

As for the usability, the company’s bundled software suite will allow you to interact with the photos and pan them out (in any direction) across the aforementioned operating systems. In addition to that you can also upload and stream your footage in various cloud systems, including Google’s Drive, Dropbox and Younity. These videos come in Full HD quality (1080p) at 15 fps and HD quality (720p) at 30 fps.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Bublcam is currently undergoing crowd funding in Kickstarter, with already double of $100,000 (in CAD) goal being pledged. The pricing for each device starts with $399 (around $380 in USD).

For more details, please check the product’s Kickstarter page.


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