PetBot is your pet’s best companion when home alone


As a pet lover you would never want to leave your best friend alone and take care of it no matter what. But in life situation you come across times when you have to leave your pet alone at home and hope that it feeds itself and doesn’t face any sort of problem in that time. To solve this problem either you hire some care taker or go for a PetBot which is a Raspberry Pi powered robot that takes care of your pet when you are not home. In a way it becomes your pet’s surrogate master of sorts as you keep an eye on your pooch or kitty by feeding and rewarding anytime, from anywhere. Measuring just a quite few inches tall, PetBot is one of the best applications of pet-human relationship as you can see live pictures of your pet over an internet connection.

PetBot remote surveillencev

PetBot comes with two-customized cartridges for larger food holding and smaller ones which is better than the storage space of Pet Monitor. As far as pet surveillance, PetBot allows you to move the on-board camera via live webcam using a smartphone app or computer and when your pet is near the PetBot it sends notifications so that you can take the required action. Additionally you can ask your pet to sit, stand or any other command.

So, when you feel that your pet might need some attention, PetBot delivers eatables and also functions as a non-human nanny for your pet who will surely take this cool robot as one of the master who gives food and something to drink.

The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter platform for now and since it is good enough to solve your pet related predicaments therefore PetBot is the right product to invest in just like some other pet related gadgets like PetChatz and PetziConnect HD that keep you close to your pet no matter how far you are.

Via: Kickstarter/TheGuardian



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