Lady Gaga riding world’s first flying dress dubbed Volantis

Lady Gaga flying dress called Volantis

Lady Gaga apparently became the first person to wear a fancy dress and fly as a part of the launch for her latest studio album ARTPOP at the ArtRave party event in Brooklyn. Designed by London’s Studio XO and TechHaus which is the high tech division of this geek singer’s creative team, this flying dress is dubbed as Flying Volantis Dress. Made from six battery powered fiberglass rotors that effortlessly lifted lady Gaga couple of meters off the ground, the dress is as high tech as it would get, literally turning the pop sensation into flying drone that is scaled up quite a few notches.

All the six rotors are connected to the center of the standing plank which Gaga uses to stand on while she makes a grand entry into the arena. As far as the propulsion of the flying dress goes, a bloke was remotely controlling the whole thing from distance make her look like some alien has descended from the sky, further exemplified by the futuristic look of the whole rig.

This gives us one more insight into what future mobile transportation modes would look like. Making everyone ponder over the fat that jetpacks, human controlled flying vehicles and uber tech savvy dresses are going to be like in the next decade or so.

Via: Dezeen/Gizmodo



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