Cleverly designed Lucetta magnetic bike lights are your best friend

lucetta magnetic bike lights

Having seen some really exciting and innovative bike lights, it is difficult to consider one radical in design and utility. Lucetta magnetic bike lights designed by Helsinki-based Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Palomar, an Italian design company; however, changes the notion completely. In the race for attractive bike lights, Lucetta, a set of two small LED lights that stick to your bicycle, takes the cake with its simple yet functional design. Lucetta bike lights has metallic surface courtesy which the light attach to any part of the bicycle easily.

lucetta magnetic bike lights

The easy to attach Lucetta magnetic bike lights come in two color lights – white for the front and red color light for the rear. The lights can be switched on and off with a click and are good enough to beam light at a distance – keeping you safe on the road. Thanks to the built-in magnets, Lucetta lights stay secure to the bike’s frame even in the bumpiest of roads flashing beam of light up to 40 hours without fail.

lucetta magnetic bike lights

Dismounting the Lucetta from the bike is as simple as snapping it off. The pair of €25 (approx. $34) light can be secured together for easy carrying. For anyone who has a speck of doubt about misplacing the bike light or the fear having it stolen can really benefit with the Lucetta magnetic bike lights, which can stay safe in your pocket with other things like keys and cash.

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