RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker is controlled by a wand like controller

RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have always captured the imagination of geeks who want to control their favorite music from the cozy corners of their couch. Winters are approaching fast and it is high time one gets hold of a good Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled from quite a considerable distance in style. One out of the many cool interactive Bluetooth speakers that you can consider for your living room is the RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker with a controller wand for tweaking audio properties. Once you plug-in the speaker, next step is to control the volume, pitch and rhythm of the music you are listening to using this wand.

RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker

You just pull out the controller wand from the deck and thereafter a series of movements while holding the button down become the input for the speaker system. For example moving it from left to right increases the volume whereas moving it vertically adjusts the pitch of the audio being played. The design of this speaker is quite sleek and the flat standing ergonomics give it a distinctive look. Apparently this interactive speaker is made by Kibbum Park, a graduating student for the design programs in South Korea and exhibited at Hongik University degree show.

The speaker isn’t available for purchase and it would not be long before some speaker manufacturing company teams up with this high school geek to redefine the design and inculcate it with a cool app to increase the possibilities of the speaker even further.

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