OpenROV tele-robotic submarine explores unseen depths of oceans

OpenROV tele robotic submarine

Eric Stackpole and David Lang have designed an open source hardware and software project dubbed as OpenROV which is a tele-robotic submarine that relays back live video feed to the person controlling it remotely. Since it is an open source DIY project therefore there are no restrictions on whether someone else comes with a better version of their own or makes changes to the existing hardware or software of this mini submarine. The remote controlled aesthetics of this submarine can be used in a number of applications for example exploring deep seas that are shark infested or sending search and rescue missions that are too dangerous for people to embark on.

OpenROV tele robotic submarine

OpenROV (Remotely operated vehicle) is loaded with Arduino microcontroller, servos, HD webcam and Luxeon Altilon LEDs this robotic mini submarine gives underwater explorers one more chance to stretch their limitations and do whatever they want to do while in the oceans, lakes, rivers or seas.

OpenROV tele robotic submarine

And the best part is that you can buy them for $850 and then tinker around with the hardware and software to come up with your version of mini submarine. Have a look at the video on this open source submarine produced with a bit of help from One World Ocean in association with Liquid Pictures 3D.


* According to maker Eric Stackpole the Luxeon Altilon LEDs are no longer used in OpenROV.

# Recent dive in Lake Tahoe with OpenROV mini submarine

Via: Aquarius/LiquidPictures3D



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