Multi-sensory Internet where smell, taste and touch is possible

Adrian Cheok multi sensory Internet

Internet has brought us closer than any technology ever could, still Internet currently has a problem – problem that everything is only audio visual online, says Adrian Cheok, director of Mixed Reality Lab at National University of Singapore and professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London. Over the Internet, if we were to touch, smell and taste like in real world, we would need a new Internet – a new way of communication per say. Considering this, Adrian Cheok is working on a multi-sensory Internet technology that’ll soon allow people to use their senses to taste, touch and smell when communicating on the Web.

To fulfill his dream for multi-sensory Internet, Cheok has been developing devices that will transmit tastes, smells, and tactile sensations over the Internet. These device, only in the prototype phase for now include: A device which syncs with a smartphone to transmit user’s scent with a message or an update on Facebook wall. A plexiglass cuboid box that a user can stick the tongue into, to taste flavors deliver on the web. And then there is a device, a small silicon and plastic gadget with built-in pressure sensor and movable peg in the center. This is a long distance kissing machine basically. Getting a similar gadget to the partner, you can make out (orally) with tongue and lip movements.

According to Cheok, the multi-sensory Internet technology could one day prove as a new (more expressive) way of communication. He believes his gadgets can have many applicable uses in the internet pornography business. Head over to MotherBorad and read Adrian Cheok’s interview on “multi-sensory internet.”



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