Tedi smart bear monitors your baby’s health

Tedi smart bear

Bringing up babies is not an easy task and anything that can help during this crucial upbringing phase is determinant in the baby’s health and personality. A new kind of gadget called Tedi by BabyWatch is out there in the internet cloud that monitors all the vital stats of your baby like sound pattern of cry (using TediCry function), sleep and pulse so that you are always well informed about you little one’s condition. The smart teddy bear toy also monitors temperature and humidity levels fit for baby to be comfortable no matter what. Using TedyGrip to monitor the strength/development and TedySleep which induces a womb like sound to make baby sleep faster, this interactive teddy bear toy is one you will definitely like. The smart teddy gadget is all set for launch in January 2014 and for parents who want the best care for their babies it is available for pre-order carrying price tag of $99.

Sensors like thermometer, pulsemeter and grip sensor that make this monitoring possible are located in the ears, paws and stomach of the smart teddy toy along with the voice recorder. The bundled smartphone app (Android and iOS) for smartphone that comes with Tedi allows you to monitor unborn baby’s heartbeat when the mother is pregnant and after birth too you can keep an eye on baby’s health by video monitoring. When the baby starts to grow you can teach words using the TediTalk app function which is a good feature.

Tedi smart bear



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