Honda UNI-CUB β personal mobility vehicle has improved balance and seating position

Honda UNI-CUB β personal mobility vehicle

Honda has revealed the upgraded beta version of their very popular UNI-CUB hands free mobility device that came back in May 2012. The new version of Honda’s mobility device is dubbed as UNI-CUB β and boasts-off balance control technology and omni-directional driving wheel system that has been used in Honda’s humanoid robots like ASIMO. The improved version enhances movement in either direction by tilting to the intended side or shifting body weight accordingly and is perfect for personal mobility in indoor spaces like huge office complexes. Since the very first version of UNI-CUB was introduced Honda has been testing the personal mobility vehicle in conjunction with National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) as their staff has rigorously tested it during their office hours for commuting from one place to another in the facility premises.

The new beta version is much smaller and lighter than its predecessor with lower seating position for use by a wider range of people. To make safety a priority Honda has incorporated better seats having softer material so that whenever there is collision with people or objects, there is less impact on the rider’s body.
Another addition to Honda UNI-CUB β is the unique stand function for ease of getting on or off the mobility device. When not in motion it also facilitates as being a stool for sitting when you get tired of standing.

Honda UNI-CUB β weighs just 25 kg and measures 510 x 315 x 620 mm with seat height of 620 mm. With capability of going 6 km/h top speed to a distance of 6 km in one battery charge, the vehicle is perfect for indoor mobility in organizations or even big homes.

Honda has plans to reveal UNI-CUB β personal mobility vehicle at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 and other final test rides are also scheduled after that.



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