Will Samsung’s three-sided display screen impress buyers?

Samsung Youm display

What’s the new strategy by electronics giants to lure in more customers to buy smartphones? By the look of things it is the word curved. Just last month Samsung unveiled its horizontally curved screen smartphone christened Galaxy Round and LG also followed suite with their vertically curved smartphone G Flex. And now Samsung is looking to stamp their authority in the large smartphone screen market with a three-sided phone display that will have a curved look opening to the outside. The phone will have the usual front display and two added displays on each side to give a depth to the display and adopts the Youm technology that is used in Galaxy Round smartphone. So what exactly is this three-sided display meant to do?

First of all it is an added display for incoming notifications, title of song’s being played, share market prices etc. Secondly it keeps the main display off so that there is power saving which otherwise would be required to check any new messages or notifications. All the three screen are going to have separate control and that would mean increased battery saving.

Curved iPhone

Proposed curved iPhone 6 display screen

Not only Samsung but rumor has it that Apple is also planning to come up with their own version of multiple screen version of a smartphone although nothing much has been revealed as of yet. But Samsung plans to come up with a smartphone having the three-sided screen in the mid of next year.

It remains to be seen whether this new smartphone screen technology will attract buyers or it will land flat on its face because other than extending the screen of the phone it doesn’t do much more than that.

Via: VentureBeat



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