Full proof bicycle security with Sphyke C3N combination locks

Sphyke C3N bike locks

Being a bicycle rider you have the liberty to park your two wheeler practically anywhere you want sue to less space requirement but with that comes the danger of your bike getting stolen. With bicycle thefts becoming ever so common these days, there is a desperate need for some full proof anti-theft mechanism like Blade Lock. Berlin based company Sphyke has introduced a new range of combination locks called C3N which keeps you bike secure from any thefts. The locks come for both front and rear wheel, stem, seat and seat pole meaning that no one can steal your bicycle without breaking into the combination code lock.

Sphyke C3N bike locks

Made from CNC machined stainless steel having 35Nm strength, the combination lock cannot be broken in any way by the thief and the only way to steal is by guessing one of the 2,000 different combinations.

Sphyke C3N bike locks

The idea is simple and the product that Sphyke has come up with is even better, and you can choose your preferred C3N bicycle lock right away.

Sphyke C3N bike locks

# Sphyke C3N bicycle lock



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