World’s largest camera shoots enormous photo prints

World's largest camera

When we talk of megapixels and high resolution images, the first that comes to mind is a high end DSLR camera. A small rig holding lens that can shoot unbelievable photographs, but what if the camera is larger than life and shoots humungous photographs that more than meet the eye? After seeing the world’s biggest fully functional Holga camera our thirst for all things big was somewhat satisfied until we saw this gigantic vintage accordion style camera. Made by a photographer Dennis Manarchy this camera is the biggest in the world measuring an amazing 35 feet long and 12 feet tall. And to top it off it is fully functional and can produce 16 by 24 foot prints which is almost equivalent to a two story building. How about that for a shot in high resolution measuring almost as big as it could be when we talk of megapixels in cameras these days.

World's largest camera

The giant camera was on display in Monroe on a custom built-trailer to show off the camera in town. The ingenious photographer has plans to take his huge camera around the country and shoot unique images of cultures, people and historic spots to showcase the camera’s ability. The camera has focus lens of 1070 mm and can shoot with aspect ratio of 1:14 which is more than impressive for a hand-made camera.

World's largest camera

World's largest camera

Via: AvaxNews



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