Frag grenade made from legal household material sold in airport terminals

Frag grenade FRAGGuccino

After the twin tower attacks and numerous other airways related terrorism, the airport security has been beefed up to prevent any anti-social element taking weapons or material related to building bombs and so far it has been proving good in preventing any such acts of mindless crimes. But a Youtube video in the cloud that goes by the name Terminal Cornucopia has again created doubts in our minds regarding airport security and the measures being taken to prevent any bomb building material being taken past the sharp eyes of tech savvy airport security measures. In the alleged video Evan Booth (a.k.a treefort), independent security researcher makes a frag grenade from material that you can buy from airport terminal kiosks which you can find after passing through airport security. The expert calls his grenade as FRAGGuccino and shows in the video given below to make it in less than 5 minutes time for just $30 or less.

Frag grenade FRAGGuccino

Using a stainless steel coffee mug, Li-ion battery, condom, axe spray, water, leatherman style PS pipe cutter (optional) and dental floss the guy shows how to construct the grenade and create hara-kiri in a public place. The phenomenon is simple, when the frag grenade is thrown the condom containing water explodes and heats up the battery inside the coffee mug, thereby igniting the pressurized body deodorant can and exploding as a result.

Surely after seeing this the authorities are going to have one more thing to look around in airport security and other places where such frag grenades could be easily made and deployed. So don’t be surprised to see airport security getting rough the next time you look to board an airplane.

# According to Booth

All of these findings have been reported to the Department of Homeland Security (TSA) to help them better detect these types of threats.

Via: RawStory/Gizmodo



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