Prijector wireless projector functions as a wireless hotspot too

Prijector wireless projector for confrence rooms

Making presentation in offices and conference rooms is a usual task and to make sure that it is done in the stipulated time without any hiccups is very important in the corporate sector. With millions of businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a simple solution to wirelessly share their presentations without the hassle of configuring the presentation device with their gadget, a new entrant to the wireless projection market is looking to revolutionize the market. Prijector wireless presentation device for conference rooms is the apt tool that connects to TV or any other wired projector so that you can make instant presentations without any roadblocks.

Prijector wireless projector for confrence rooms

Compatible with Windows and Mac operating system as well as tablet and smartphone platforms like iOS or Android, the Prijector is one powerful device that morphs into a wireless hotspot too for internet access.

Prijector wireless projector

With the ability to plug and play instantly as soon as you connect it to any compatible device, Prijector saves you from the hassle of syncing the device at-least one time.

Manufactured by Mosonex Inc. the wireless projector is currently available for pre-order and only 300 pieces will be up for sale in the initial phase for $119 apiece. Once you place the order, Prijector will be shipped to your door in the month of December.



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