Evena Eye-On smart glasses will allow medics to see through skin

Evena Eye-On smart glasses

We have harped about glasses with built-in HUD cameras, and we have prattled about glasses with smartphone displays. However, this is surely the first time we have come across glasses that make human skin transparent! Designed by Evena Medical, the contraption is better known as the Evena Eye-On smart glasses. So, what does the nifty scope entail? Well, as we mentioned before – the glasses offer their incredible skin-penetrating view; which makes it much easier for medical personnel to locate our veins when injecting syringes. In fact, the Evena Eye-On is a portable extension of the company’s previous device, which had a problem with usability due to its cumbersome size.

Evena Eye-On smart glasses

As we can see from the above picture, Evena Eye-On’s predecessor did show the correct image of our veins. But Eye-On glasses builds upon this advantage by acting as a wearable device. In other words, the design serves as a seamless extension of our natural eyes, thus not requiring the user to shift their focus and rely on some external display on an unwieldy armature. The portability factor is also comes into play, which totally eschews the need to transport the contraption from one hospital room to another.

And, more than just usability, it is the advanced technology that really drives the Evena Eye-On’s effectiveness. In this regard, the glasses can actually visualize the movement of blood through veins in real time. Moreover, they have the ability to store the unique vein patterns of a patient in their database. A separate connectivity technology allows the accessing and sharing of the images and the relevant data.

The Evena Eye-On smart glasses are expected to be commercially available (to medical establishments) by the first quarter of next year.

Via: InfectionControlToday


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