Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle keeps driver’s distraction level to zero

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

Geeks following LA Auto Show 2013 will be keenly looking forward to seeing power-laden sportscars, luxury coupes and technology embedded into the vehicles for a better experience. And to quench the thirst of automotive fanatics Toyota is going to show their latest technology that seeks to minimize the driver distraction even before stepping into the car. Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle (DAR-V) made from Toyota Sienna car in partnership with Microsoft Research looks to prevent accidents by developing a way to sustain driver’s attention and awareness on the road ahead rather than other things like changing the song of the playlist being played. According to Chuck Gulash, Director of Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC), cars these days have so many HUDs and gauges demanding user’s attention that chances of accident increase on roads.

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

To come over this problem Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle and Microsoft Research utilize technologies like Kinect, integrated into the car’s design to display important information on the side of window as the driver is approaching the car. All this is done by gesture control, voice and key fob using which the driver can quickly view updates like weather, appointments, schedules or route details for the nearest gas station.

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

Another good feature of the new technology is its ability to help children buckle up their seat belts using a gaming interface that they find very interesting, thereby reducing stress on parents mind.
Apparently the DAR-V uses one of the most advanced driving simulator that amalgamates EEG sensors to keep check on brain activity, eye-tracking headgear for directional clues and skin sensors to measure emotional arousal.

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

So in-effect the system keeps a check on the activities, both inside and outside the car while constantly analyzing driver’s brain.

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

Further the car can shift from fully automated control to mixed control to improve safety of the driver and people on-board.

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