New York clinic offers jewelry implantation in our eyes for $3,000!

Jewelry implantation in our eyes

If bling is really your thing, why not up the ante a bit? This seems to be the driving dictum behind the seemingly ridiculous process of implanting jewelry in the eyes. Yes, you have read that right! New York based Park Avenue Laser Vision is offering SafeSight jewelry, which entails implanting a full fledged platinum jewelry in our eyes for $3,000 a pop. Dr. Emil Chynn, the medical director of the establishment corroborates that in spite of the disquieting nature of the scope, the procedure is actually pretty safe. In fact, he has gone on record to say – for him, ‘it is just another way to advance the science of ophthalmology’.

In purely objective terms, we must confess; Safesight jewelry is an advanced ambit of technology that makes implanting a piece of alien object inside our eyes possible. Moreover, the platinum object is inserted on the top of the eye, as opposed to ‘inside’ the eye. Biologically speaking, the piece is nestled between the sclera; which is the white part of our eye, and the conjunctiva; which is the clear part of our eye.

However, we are not really sold on the notion of a foreign object not creating any reaction on the surface of our eyes. In fact, the procedure is not FDA approved, while American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO) has warned about possible dangers of local bleeding and infections caused by the external object residing in our eyes. And of course, the question still lingers – wouldn’t a eye with a bling just look plain bizarre?

You can check out the video, by following this FoxNY link.

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