Helium portable speaker powered by super-capacitor technology charges in just 5 minutes

BlueShift Helium portable speaker with super capacitor charging technology

Taking a detour from the usual portable speaker design, Blueshift has come up with a speaker called helium, capable of charging in just five minutes and giving full six hours of uninterrupted music in one charge. Unlike other products in the market that last only a few years, this portable speaker has super-capacitor that gives an amazing 500,000 charges, virtually making it last more than a lifetime. The speaker is made from natural materials like bamboo, efficient electronics and an open source design that can be repaired and upgraded any time you want. This all makes the Blueshift Helium speakers great for acoustic listening environment and other audio sources.

The Helium speaker is designed to work anywhere from your living room to a barbeque party, making is ideal for any kind of environment. Having a 3.5mm headphone jack, the portable speaker is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and audio players.

BlueShift Helium portable speaker with super capacitor charging technology

Helium portable speaker is the first of its kind in the world as it uses super-capacitor to power up the 4 inch full-range driver that can drive all the frequencies by the same cone. Moreover this new technology facilitates super precise imaging, meaning that full-range drivers don’t need crossover, making them produce thumping sound comparable to a 2-3 way speaker design.

Blueshift Helium speakers are up on CrowdSupply platform for funding and will sell for $350-$500 if the funding goal is achieved. Since it is up on a crowd0funding platform so you’ll get extra benefits for pledging now.



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