Flexible lithium ion battery woven into the fabric will compliment wearable tech

Flexible lithium ion battery woven into the fabric

There is no doubting the fact that wearable technology is going to rule the roost in the upcoming years and anything tech savvy that assists in taking the wearable tech to another level is going to lure in more manufacturers and independent DIYers. For example the wearable HUD glasses or smartwatches. And one technology that is going to play a big role in the propulsion of wearable tech is going to be flexible charging components that can be woven right into the fabric that one wears. A group at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is working on a new kind of fabric that has lithium-ion battery woven right into it. The reason for developing such fabric is to provide flexibility when it comes to charging gadgets that carry the theme wearable tech.

The revolutionary fabric will have battery comprising of nickel-coated polyester yarn and polyurethane to bind the material together. This new kind of fabric battery will be able to take repeated folding, unfolding, liquid spills and other things that our everyday fabrics have to go through and have decent performance under all circumstances.

To enhance the charging juice, solar cells like flexible polymer cells have been added on polyethylene naphthalate to the fabric. The technology all speaks well for the future and looks to take wearable tech to another level allowing researchers and sharp minded geeks to come up with even better wearable designs than we are accustomed to.

Via: Spectrum



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